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Dental Focus Websites

Dental Focus ® create websites for your profit.

The Dental Focus Website has three benefits*:

  1. Compliance with the GDC, CQC and ICO regulations.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) expectations of over 5X.
  3. Research since 2001 on how to attract your ideal patients.

What do our clients have to say?

Dental Focus Reviewed by Manny Vasant on The website is the first thing that the CQC checked. Thanks to Dental Focus we had it covered right from the start. This peace of mind is priceless. Manny Vasant MBE, Dr M K Vasant and Associates Rating: 4.5
Dental Focus Reviewed by Amit Gupta on Contacting Dental Focus to develop our website was the best marketing decision we have ever made. Our sales increased by £70,000. Amit Gupta, Smile in London Rating: 4.5
Dental Focus Reviewed by Gordon Philp on Dental Focus had a great understanding of what we needed. Their adherence to 'best practice' and 'compliance', ensured my site met with all the ICO and GDC requirements. Gordon Philp, Edinburgh Dental Specialists Rating: 4.5
Dental Focus Reviewed by Philip Greene on As soon as the Dental Focus website went live, I started to get online patient enquiries almost straight away. It really did make a dramatic difference. Philip Greene, The Malt House Specialist Dental Treatment Centre Rating: 4.5

Treatment Videos

Benefits & Features

Over 200+ video sequences in the library.

Videos are now higher quality and larger (400x225).

iPad/iPhone detection and compatible videos (30-50% of website traffic).

Videos centrally hosted for faster download and saving you web space.

Video enhancements are automatically instant without waiting for website updates.

Only £ 15+vat per month by direct debit.

Call 020 7183 8388 or email us today.

Call 020 7183 8388 or email us today.


LIVE Appointment Booking

Dental Focus Reviewed by Dr. Jameel Gardee on We already got over 100 new patients signing up... generated over £10,000 worth of new business for us so far... Getting online appointment booking on our website was a great decision. Dr. Jameel Gardee, Glasgow Smile Clinic Rating: 4.5

Is every new patient worth at least £1,000 to you?

Just think about how much business you lose when you're closed for lunch or at nights. LIVE Appointment Booking on your Website is a must in 2013.

Dental Focus highly recommends that you have LIVE Appointment Bookings on your Website which shows your availability because patients expect to book dental appointments like they book hotels, train and plane tickets, holidays and the cinema.

Video Interview from March 2010.

Three major benefits for your Dental Focus Website:

  1. You have the peace of mind that you are always in control of clinicians, times and type of Appointments available. This 'Cloud' software works with ALL dental practice management systems i.e. SOE, R4, etc. and perfect if you're still paper-based but want to go digital.
  2. Your Dental Focus website converts and secures more new patients because once patients can "book 24/7" they stop looking on Google to compare (even when you're closed at lunch or nights).
  3. You increase your immediate profits by charging for Appointments online which reduces the risk of "no shows". Automatically charge for missed Appointments too.

What are clients saying?

Dental Focus Reviewed by Dr Harvey Grahame BDS on We receive 120 bookings on average per month purely through the Online Booking System. 60% of online bookings are from new patients. In last quarter we have received just over 250 new patients sign ups through the online booking system. It saves our receptionists valuable time when patients are able to take the whole process from research to booking without making a call.

...we can charge upfront for the treatments online. We receive around £6,000 a month in upfront payments through the system. Because patients have pre-paid they turn up and our DNA rate is almost zero.

...easy to configure and we can choose which treatments and dentists are made visible to the online booking system and which treatments we only allow our patients after an examination. Finally Whenever we have had a support issue (and we have made a lot of requests for changes to the team) we find they listen and provide solutions rapidly with a smile. We would not hesitate to recommend the system.
Dr Harvey Grahame BDS, Clinical Director Smilepod Ltd
Rating: 4.5