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Friday 18th October 2013

This is a term used within marketing that refers to building a brand that appeals directly to a client’s emotional state and aspirations. It triggers an emotional response. In the case of a dentist, a patient could want to visit a certain practice, even though the patient may not be able to fully rationalize the reason for his or her choice.

Emotional brands develop a strong attachment, a feeling of bonding, of common purpose (with the patient). Examples of non dental brands that have this ‘mojo’ include Apple, Nike and Starbucks. Each of them, although seemingly part of the ‘establishment’, challenge conventions a bit. So a high tech computer company has a fruit as an icon! A sportswear company says: ”Just do it” (i.e. ‘you take control’)! A massive coffee chain individualizes every outlet to make it unique and relevant to each location’s surroundings! This makes each brand more ‘personal’, more ‘emotional’ (challenge “big brother”, think ‘local’, personalize your message).

With Dental Focus, the ‘df’ symbol represents, not only the initials ‘d’ & ‘f’, but also: 1) the ‘infinity’ symbol – because of the infinite complex solutions and online options offered, and 2) a ‘£’ sign – because of the increased revenue dental practices will experience.

A generation ago, brands were dismissed by some as being devoid of value. But in the internet age, we can encounter so many brands at the instant click of a button. Now each of us are brands ourselves (with the help of Facebook, Twitter, etc) – we create online ‘brand’ profiles for ourselves, reflecting our personality, our interests, our social circles, our professions. We each have our own story to tell.

‘Want-needs’ can also be very much part of emotional branding. These are about generating an emotional desire so powerful that … it has to be satisfied, no matter what the cost. So to turn a ‘want’ into a ‘want-need’, a dentist could impose scarcity (only four ‘20% off’ teeth whitenings left).

Likewise, if you were aware that your website was under-performing (because of design ineffectiveness, non-compliance or inaccessibility across different devices), wouldn’t you want to know why you were missing out….

But to deal with this particular “want-need”, just contact Dental Focus.

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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The Definition of a Website

Thursday 19th September 2013

What is the definition of a website? Is it primarily an exercise in technology or a business tool?

The World Wide Web has undergone a lot of change over the years, but should it stop there? And more importantly are the users completely satisfied with it?

The definition according to Wikipedia is “A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a Uniform Resource Locator”  But how far do you agree? Is there more to a website?

For the individual brands, their website comes to life when the project is given to those who create it – the designers, developers, SEO professionals etc). Until the website goes live, it is considered an expense whilst after it is live it’s considered an asset.  It is vital to plan a website, including owning the website, planning, design optimization etc, as it all improves communication.

The design of the website is usually the first thing people choose to get involved with, but more times than not, people don’t think of a problem before going ahead with the design of the website. As they have not addressed the relevant questions such as target audiences.

Websites can generate customers when created effectively, as visitors to the website become customers to the business. If the website doesn’t attract new audiences, then the website has failed.  For many businesses they invest large amounts of money in a website so it should support the immediate and long-term goals of the business. 

So, all in all back to the original question, should the term ‘website’ be redefined? To read more information on this argument we have provided you this link to an article:

Website redesign

Wednesday 11th September 2013

You may want to redesign your site for many reasons: re branding, relocation or simply refreshing.

That is why at Dental Focus, we address all the following issues:

Would you like your site to…

– increase traffic?

– improve conversion rate?

– ‘push’ new treatments and/or offers?


So how is your existing site doing?


We’ll help you study your Google Analytics for:

– bounce rate

– time on site

– most-trafficked pages

– best performing key words,

– effectiveness of “Referral forms” etc.


What is your competition doing?

Patients use dental sites a bit like “Go Compare” – to compare dental practices. So, what is your competition doing?

So what makes your practice different?

Is it your location, your expertise, your treatments, your awards, your video testimonials? Your ‘ideal patient’? etc?

Site accessibility

Make your site accessible 24/7 on all formats and all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile etc

Getting patients to act

Once on your site, get patients to respond to “calls to action” i.e. fill in a form, take up a special offer, read a blog, download relevant info, attend an open day, etc?

The New Dental Focus Identity.

Friday 19th April 2013

The online world is fast growing, filling our eyes with visual clutter and our heads with conflicting messages.

As such, Dental Focus has now re-launched, in order to cut through all this with a simple and clear message. Dental Focus design and build websites with excellent return; they won’t blind you with science, but instead aim to de-mystify and explain, in order to enable and empower dentists. The private online club for people ‘in the know’ has been closed – now anyone can join in.



To emphasize this celebration of clarity, Dental Focus has launched a new, simple and memorable logo with an icon that stands out like a beacon for the new proposition: “websites for your profit”.


The icon is based on the initials ‘D’ and ‘F’ which make an elegant, unique symbol reminiscent of the pound sign and therefore reinforces the company’s new tagline. Furthermore, the icon is similar to the number eight, a number considered highly auspicious and thought to bring great luck in many Eastern countries, particularly in China, where the Mandarin word for the number also means good wealth, profit and fortune.

Finally, it also suggests the infinity symbol, which relates to the infinite website options, solutions and possibilities available. Dental Focus are very experienced problem solvers, creating profitable websites, specific to the requirements of the dentist or practice, whether it is NHS, mixed, private, high end or referral practice. Not convinced? A quick look around our website will prove as much.


Check out the new ‘DF’ icon, and let us know what you think. Your comments are important to us!

With thanks and best wishes,

The Dental Focus team.