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A Headache-Free Journey.

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Very unfortunately, ClearStep have recently gone into ‘administration’ and unfortunately all of the staff have been made redundant. 

In the wake of this, many dentists have expressed their anger on dental online forums and many patients have voiced their concerns on sites such as The biggest issue seems to have been the inability to talk to someone and get clarity on the situation for them to find alternative solutions, particularly for those who are mid-way through treatment using the ClearStep system and have found themselves unable to finish, but unsure of their options.

Nevertheless, Dental Focus are going ahead and automatically amending all their clients’ websites accordingly so that dentists won’t have to concern themselves with this issue any more than is necessary (unless, of course, you notify us otherwise). Dental Focus are changing the word “ClearStep” on your site to “clear braces”, which will also greatly benefit your Google rankings.

Likewise, with NHS prices going up, Dental Focus are automatically updating the NHS prices on all the relevant NHS sites (again, unless we are notified otherwise).

The ultimate aim is to reduce stress and rectify any problems before they become apparent; this is all part of the “headache free journey”, that Dental Focus offer.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact any member of our team.


Best wishes,

The Dental Focus team.