Part 3 of 4: Selling on the Web

The following article was published in 2007, Aesthetic Dentistry Today.

Google marketing dental treatments

To sell on the web, a successful aesthetic dental website needs to be found. is the most popular search engine in the UK and being at the top of Google for any key phrase is possible. Google offers sponsored advertising space along the right hand side of its natural, free listing; sometimes the sponsored adverts also run along the top. Advertisers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and are provided advanced statistics to monitor campaigns 24/7.

Signing up to Google AdWords allows the dentist to create adverts with specific wording, target specific key phrases, set a daily budget and a maximum Cost-Per-Click (max CPC) budget. Pay-per-click advertising on Google is like an auction. If a competitor sets a higher max CPC then their advert will, in most cases, rank higher. It is important to be on the first page of results in order to improve the Impressions, which is the number of times the advert is shown. It is better to be in the top half of the first page to improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), which is the ratio between the number of Clicks on the advert and the number of Impressions. CTR can also be improved by creating well-worded adverts which have a headline that shouts back the search terms used i.e. an advert targeting the search phrase “cosmetic dentist in wales” and using an advert headline “Cosmetic Dentist in Wales” will have a better chance of being noticed and clicked on than if the headline was “Dental Makeover in Wales”. Well-worded adverts with higher CTR are considered good quality adverts and could rank higher without increasing the max CPC.

Creating well-linked adverts is important so that visitor expectations are met quickly. The visitor will click on the most appealing advert expecting to see a website of relevance. By linking the advert to a specific and relevant web page and not necessarily the home or intro page, the advertiser gets straight to the point and ensures that the visitor does not lose interest. For example, if a visitor specifically searches on Google for “tooth whitening in wales” then the advert should link directly to the tooth whitening web page so that the visitor does not have to search for the page of most interest.

Dental Focus Web Design specializes in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to rank naturally on the free listing, however, we also offer PPC advertising services so that our dentist clients can rank at the top immediately. We create the initial campaigns, wording, key phrases, and use the client’s credit card on the system so Google bills directly according to the budget and clicks per month. We train our dentist clients on how to take full control of this 24/7 marketing campaign so they can create their own adverts, change wording, choose key phrases, monitor budgets, suspend and reactivate campaigns.


Advert is ranked no.3 for “cosmetic dentist in wales” but is most likely to be clicked on because advert wording shouts back same search terms. Advert links to an attractive intro page
Advert is ranked no.2 for “tooth whitening in wales” but is most likely to be clicked on because advert wording shouts back same search terms. Advert links to whitening web page
design Quick intro page
design Clean treatments page with easy navigation
design Power whitening page with 3D animation
design Bridges web page with 3D animations

Selling dental treatments
In this information age, potential and existing patients are making informed decisions on whether or not to have cosmetic dental treatment without even consulting the dentist. People fear what they do not understand. Website visitors need to understand how a treatment is done so that they can feel comfortable and confident in their decision to take up treatment. Visitors will leave the website if they feel they do not have enough information to make a decision; they will further their research by seeking out other dental websites. Websites need to retain visitors by educating them about the treatments.

design Implants web page with 3D animation
design Veneers web page with 3D animations

Successful cosmetic dentistry websites need more than just a few words to describe a treatment. Explaining a treatment in words is great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), however, people are not robots and may not have the energy or imagination to understand what the text describes. Before and after photographs of treatments using real patient “smile galleries” are a great way to build credibility and show the benefits of treatment, however, they do not answer the question of what exactly is involved. Staged photographs depicting the entire treatment could be very interesting to dentists but put the visitor off treatment altogether; visitors may not like seeing photographs of real life flesh and blood, metal in the mouth, cut gums with exposed bone, or trimmed teeth. Treatments should instead be explained through gentle illustration.

Dental Focus Web Design creates all new websites with High-Definition (HD) 3D animations from MEDiVision’s latest WebPak. The new flash animations are of high quality and are quick to download. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a 3D animation must be worth a million. Within 30 seconds, a treatment can be explained to visitors in a memorable fashion that awakens their interest. The animated illustrations entertain and educate without seeming gory or unnatural. Visitors begin to find it easier and exciting to explain to family and friends how a treatment is done. Whilst finding comfort in their knowledge, the visitor makes the decision to contact the practice to become a patient.

Hearing about dental treatments

Nothing grabs attention more than sound. Choosing the right melody to play when the visitor arrives on the home page allows the website to stand out and become memorable. Matching the tune with existing on-hold telephone music creates consistency of branding. The on-hold telephone narration may also be suitable, after cropping the sound files, for the website to complement wording and images. Not all visitors will want to read, especially whilst surfing the web in the evening after a long day at work. Listening to a professional, soothing voice can awaken interest and take the strain off the eyes so that learning about the aesthetic dental treatments becomes easy. Cosmetic dental websites should see how best to incorporate sound so that it attracts interest and does not drive visitors away.
Dental Focus Web Design includes music and narration as an option. An on and off button is available and the website can remember visitors’ preferences throughout the stay and even when they return.

Developing relationships
Out of sight, out of mind. A successful Internet marketing campaign involves e-mailing patients on a regular basis. Keeping in touch with patients, keeps them up-to-date in an affordable and efficient manner that reminds them of the cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation services on offer. Maintaining a relationship with patients improves communication and loyalty. Directing patients to the website for further information allows the emails to be short and catchy, which increases readership.

Capturing website visitors’ email addresses and sending out e-mails is an effective method of building up relationships as well as increasing trust and credibility with potential patients over time. Web visitors tend to browse, compare and wait before making a decision. Emailing fortnightly tips and short e-newsletters is a way to stand out and keep in touch.

Sending out emails is an effective ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing tool, which allows subscribers to easily forward the e-mail onto friends and family. This is the viral effect of email marketing and the benefits are immediate.

The Dental Focus Email Marketing package contains a HTML e-mail template so that e-mails match the look and feel of the website, in keeping with the identity and branding of the cosmetic dental practice. Training and support is available so clients can take control of the e-mail management system 24/7. An e-newsletter sign-up facility is made available on the website to entice visitors to leave their e-mail address.

design Close-up: MEDiVision 3D bridge animation
design Close-up: MEDiVision 3D implant animation
design Close-up: MEDiVision 3D veneer animation
design The Neem Tree

Each page invites the visitor to leave their email address

Five tips to remember
A successful aesthetic dentistry website needs:

  1. Google adverts to be well-worded and key phrase specific
  2. Google adverts to be linked directly to the most relevant web page
  3. Visitors to learn how treatments are done using 3D animation
  4. Music and narration to attract patients, not drive them away
  5. E-mail marketing in order to develop relationships

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