Google Instant – find a cosmetic dentist faster!

What is Google Instant and how will it affect the cosmetic dentist?

Google just launched a new efficient way to show results – in real time without needing to press the “search” button!

Google is going to help you get your relevant results and what you want, sooner rather than later. It’s currently only available if you first login to Google and use its search. But Google Instant is very likely to roll out across the board so you won’t have to login.

This won’t affect your Google rankings but it will affect how patients search for you. Dental patients will be encouraged to search for more specific 2-4 dental treatment keywords, sooner rather than later! Its now time to reconsider what keywords you are optimised for and make sure you are targeting specific keyphrases (including your main city/town and all your surrounding locations) instead of just general keyphrases.

Watch the 2 videos from Google below! The 1st video is a short advert and the 2nd is a very long conference recording (but don’t worry, we’ve bookmarked the 2nd video to jump to the 15th minute time frame so you can get straight to the best bit).

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