Naz got flowered

This week we have our very smiley operations manager Naz Haque with our weekly office flowers. I opted for some warm pale pink and white small roses and some bigger pink roses as last week we had very vibrant colours.  Pink roses are one of the longest existing flowers known to us and symbolise love and appreciation as well as gratitude. The smaller pink ones have beautifully opened up to show half pink and half white petals. They are mostly known for their sweet fragrance.

So a little bit of history about roses, Aprodite the goddess of love, is said to have created the rose, they also come from within the family Rosaceae. They are well known for being trailing shrubs and kept in the garden. Most types of roses originate and are native in Asia and North America.

Find out next week, which one of the Dental Focus team has our flowers.

Khema Munbodh


020 7183 8388

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