Maddy got flowered

This week we have Maddy with a vibrant bunch of Daffodils. These are Maddy’s favourite flowers and I just knew these would make her super happy! These are spring perennial plants, they are also known as narcissus with 6 petals each with a corona in the middle (this is also called the trumpet). They have originated from Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. They are typically grown for ornamental purposes and are very sensitive, they need lots of sunlight and will not survive if the soil is not well drained, daffodils can reach anything between 6-20 inches in height. These bright yellow flowers symbolise the beginning of spring, and are able to grow in very cold weather, even snow. When keeping daffodils in a vase, they should never be kept with any other type of flower as they have a toxic sap in the stem and will cause them harm. When giving flowers as a gesture, they represent happiness and good fortune.

Come back next week to see which member of the team has been flowered.

Khema Munbodh


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