Krishan got flowered

This week it was time for our CEO Krishan Joshi to get flowered. He looks very happy with the beautiful smelling bouquet of flowers which were placed on his desk at the beginning of the week! In this selection, included are a bright variety of yellow and white lilies, yellow, white and purple Chrysanthemums, a purple rose and some seasonal purple Iris. I decided on this pastel bouquet this week because we have lots of bright colours in the office this week with our Christmas tree up, so thought we should have something different. The Iris plant is very long and typically comes in two colours – purple and yellow, they are very ornamental and seen a lot in the UK in winter. They are sword shaped and their flowers open up very beautiful one above the other. The Iris name mythically comes from the Greek goddess ‘Iris’.

Come back next week to see which one of the Dental Focus team have been flowered.

Khema Munbodh


020 7183 8388

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