Krishan got flowered

Hi everyone,

This week we have our CEO Krishan Joshi being flowered. Krishan has been given a bouquet of orange and pink roses, yellow and purple Gerbera daisies, a sunflower and purple and green chrysanthemums. I thought that we should bring a mix of colours into the office as the weather has become quite sunny this week and as we prepare for Spring. Sunflowers are part of the daisy family and have large golden petals. The reason they are cultivated is for their seeds which are edible. Orange roses symbolise enthusiasm and pink roses are typically used to show happiness and thankfulness. Gerbera daisies are distinguished by large flower heads which resemble sunflowers. These beautiful daisies were discovered in 1884 in South Africa and today are the fifth most popular flower in the world.

Come back next week to see which one of our team have been flowered.

Khema Munbodh


020 7183 8388

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