Kayleigh got flowered

This week Kayleigh has been flowered. She has been given a white, pink and red assortment with chrysanthemums, roses, daisies, alstroemerias and red berries. As white is the main colour in this bouquet with small bursts of vibrant colours, it is perfect for Spring. Kayleigh had previously told me that she does not have a preference in flowers, so thought she could have a selection of everything.

Alstroemerias usually grow in clusters and can reach up to 1.5 metres tall and protected by their blade like leaves. They typically will have six petals each, and come in many different colours, they will sometimes have flecks or stripes, there are over 50 species. Alstoemerias are most popular in Spring and Summer, as they need at least 6 hours of sunlight and lots of water. If hoe grown, they would require well drained soil. When in a bouquet, they will last up to two weeks.

Come back next week to see which team member has been flowered.

Khema Munbodh


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