Justyna got flowered

This week I have given a selection of yellow lilies and yellow and red chrysanthemums with some yellow lilies to Justyna. These are a lovely spring mix and yellow is a really popular colour for flowers this time of year. Lilies have a very light floral smell which makes any room very fresh. These grow from bulbs planted and usually used as border plants, they are easy to maintain as they do not need regular feeding or daily watering.

They come from the family of Liliaceae and they usually pollinated by wind. The oils from these plants are popular for massage oils and bubble baths, extract from this plant can also be found in a lot of moisturisers. This season is the perfect time to plant lilies and they will grow faster when put in direct sunlight. When in a bouquet or in plant pots, the best place to place them is the window ledge so they can have the most nourishment from the sunlight.

Khema Munbodh


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