Gabi Got flowered

This week we have our lovely Gabi with our flowers of the week. She is holding a beautiful bouquet of pink and purple Alstroemeria’s. These are a type of Peruvian lily and originate from South America. These flowers tend to grow in clusters and have many different colours, some of these variations are also stripy or have spots on.   They are so popular because they are very easy to grow and do not need a lot of maintenance.  They tend to grow best in warmer conditions and do well at the back of allotments where they have the space and can lean on walls to grow very tall.  However, they are very delicate and their stems tend to break if they have not got anything to lean on, the soil should be slightly acidic.  I decided to have a wilder plant in the office this week to accommodate everyone’s taste.  Come back next week to see which one of the Dental Focus team have our flowers.

Khema Munbodh


020 7183 8388

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