Gabi Got Flowered

Gabi Got Flowered

Hello everyone. This week we have some very seasonal yellow and red tulips which I thought would be lovely together. The yellow tulips make the office so bright in the cold days. The meaning behind yellow tulips are are meant to bring hope and cheerful thoughts, yellow is a colour of friendship. The red tulips are usually given as a sign of love and happiness, red is usually associated with romance. These flowers are a very popular spring choice and blooms in lots of different colours, each one expressing a different meaning. These seasonal flowers will be grown from bulbs and will typically grow between 4inhes to 28 inches long. They tend to have long thin leaves which are very delicate, the leaves help to protect the steam and flower from wilting. These long leaves will wrap round the stem and flowers protecting the flower as they grow. Tulips are responsible for a lot of seasonal allergies which people will suffer during the spring and summer seasons.

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