Chris got flowered

Hello everyone,

This week Chris has been flowered. He has a lovely mix of yellow spray Carnations and mixture of pink and yellow Tulips. Carnations are native in Eurasia and historically were used to make garlands for Romans. These flowers can have up to 40 petals per flower as they are very small. Their leaves are long and thin, meaning they can protect the flower. They can be used as a symbol of socialism and is a birth flower of those born in January. They come in a huge variety of colours and look great mixed with any different flowers. I have decided to mix the Carnations with Tulips this week because as a mix are some of the most popular Spring choice for flower arrangements. Tulips are very fragrant and with their pink and yellow petals, they add colour to the mix with the Carnations. Did you know that if you ran out of an onion, you could substitute this for a Tulip bulb, they are a good replacement for cooking.

Come back next week to see which one of the Dental Focus team have been flowered.

Khema Munbodh


020 7183 8388

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