Amy got flowered

Hi everyone,

This week we have Amy with our spring selections of yellow and burgundy chrysanthemums and yellow lilies. I have also included some red berries to the mix as well. These flowers are an all year round favourite and come in a huge range of different colours. I love the red and yellow mix as it brings so much brightness into the office and smells lovely. Chrysanthemums originate from Asia and Eastern Europe. The word ‘Chrysanthemum’ originates from the Greek language. Wild Chrysanthemums are herbaceous perennial plants, they have long leaves which alternate on the stem protecting the flower from too much sunlight, rain and damage. The leaves have sharp edges. There are different types of these flowers, but these are the wilder types. They are a great mix with the yellow lilies which has very wide petals, they have sturdy stems to protect them as well. Find out which member of the Dental Focus team has been flowered next week.

Khema Munbodh


020 7183 8388

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