Questions for your Facebook advertising campaign


Before you dive into an advertising campaign you’ll need to define the outcome you would like to achieve. If you are slightly unsure, these outcomes can be defined in the Facebook campaign manager and provide suggestions such as building local awareness, generating engagement or conversions.


Once you’ve chosen your desired outcome, you will have to build a strategy around it to figure out your ideal target market.

With the targeting options you can define based on age, gender, occupation, interests, behaviour and more. Of course, the more specific you are the better your results.


The next stage is to plan your budget, so you know how much you are spending and how long you’ll run your ad for. And it is vital you monitor the ad to measure its relevancy score to maintain consistent optimisation.


Finally, ensure you have calls-to-action on your ads to provide direction to your audience so they can interact with your business.


Has this helped to define your ad campaigns?

Dominic Haslam

Social Media Guru

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