Instagram fundamentals


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Instagram must be a part of the social media marketing of your practice because an increasing number of users are being drawn to the platform to discover new businesses, products and stay in contact with the brands they like.

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So to help you on your Instagram journey I’ve created a list of steps you may want to consider whether you’ve already set up your profile or if you are new to the platform.



Have an easy and memorable user name.

Have a brief bio with important key words.

Have your website URL in the bio.

Connect your Instagram to other accounts.


Make use of the live stories.

Share another users content.

Show your patients what happens behind the scenes.

Run competitions.

Showcase treatments, products and results.


Create branded hashtags.

Use trending hashtags.

Research relevant hashtags.


Respond to comments.

Ask questions to your followers.

Collaborate with other feeds.

Run adverts.

Promote across other networks.


What strategies have you tried on Instagram?


Dominic Haslam

Social Media Guru

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