Chris Barrow’s 7 Ps of Dental Websites

New & Exclusive: Watch our video interviews with Chris Barrow, the UK’s leading dental business coach. We go through his “7 Ps of Dental Websites”. Understanding his 7 Ps is essential for any private dentist wishing to create a WOW website that differentiates their dental practice and attracts the high-end, discerning patient!

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P#1. Profile

Chris talks about the home page and who you are targeting. I agree, it needs to be quick to download, iPhone compatible, and the reasons to choose your dental practice needs to be immediately clear. Your USPs need to be understood on the home page within seconds, exciting the visitor to click and learn more…!

P#2. People

Chris talks about the dental team. You need a recommended professional photographer – talk to us. You need to show the personality of a happy and approachable team with great smiles. You need to appear as the experts with the best level of customer service!

P#3. Premises

Chris talks about showing off your building, reception, waiting lounge, wash room… instead of the scary dental surgery. I agree, unless it looks state-of-the-art and comfortable… don’t bother showing it.

P#4. Prices, P#5. Promises, P#6. Proof & P#7. Products

P#4. Prices

Chris talks about being reassuringly expensive so that high-end consumers know they won’t be sitting next to low-end consumers. Sounds a bit like the rich-poor divide but this is what the 1,000 independent dental boutiques (out of the existing 10,000 dental practices) will have done in order not to be swallowed up by the big corporates over the next 10 years (Chris’s prediction)! Decide where you want to be in 10 years time. If that’s too big a leap for you, then understand the underlying message of what he’s saying – remind the discerning website visitor that “you get what you pay for”. I believe that you need to show that you have fixed, transparent pricing but you should not compete on price, instead compete on great value! Remember, this goes hand-in-hand with all the Ps especially P#7.

P#5. Promises

Chris talks about brand standards – getting this right will differentiate yourself when it comes to customer service and creating a brand experience; reasons to choose you!

P#6. Proof

Chris talks about videos. I am extremely passionate about video and can’t agree more! Nobody is going to convert into an enquiry after reading written testimonials from Joe Blogs and Mary Smith. You need before and after ‘smile photos’ with no blood, no gore, no metal and… no retractors – this shows clinical expertise. You need full face ‘smile photos’ – this shows gratitude in your patient’s eyes. You need video testimonials – these create ‘word-of-mouth’ emotional encouragement. At Dental Focus Web Design, we know why and how your different levels of “Proof” works. How do you develop your portfolio and gain consent? Ask us!

P#7. Products

Chris talks about the ‘branded experience’ and you need to reflect this on your website. Everyone will be using Google to compare what you have to offer. You need to differentiate yourself online. I believe you need to create valuable packages so that your treatments become incomparable to your competitors. But it’s not just about the treatment, it’s about making that patient journey enjoyable and surpassing expectations. Brand your treatments, give extra value and bundle it together with a great customer experience… and reflect all this on your WOW dental website!

That’s it. The 7 Ps of Dental Websites by Coach Barrow. Read his blog and subscribe to his e-zine! You need to know what he knows, immediately.

Remember, if you need help in transforming your dental website and taking it to the next level, just get in touch. At Dental Focus Web Design, we hold your hand through the 7 Ps and really help you understand how to make them work – we empower you!

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