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New Website Launch – Ace Dental Harrow Weald

Thursday 19th April 2018

Part of the Ace Dental group of practices in North London, this newest addition in Harrow Weald is a compact but impressive dental website that follows the gorgeous branding of Ace’s main website.


The website is interesting for its longer and fewer treatment pages, which showcase the main treatments of the practice depending on their dentistry category.

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New Website Launch – Putney Dental Surgery

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Based in SW15, Putney Dental Surgery have had a fresh website launched to replace their previous one.


The result is a fully responsive, modern dental website with great information for patients.


Putney Dental Surgery




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New Website Launch – Joe Oliver Dentist

Friday 13th April 2018

A profoundly experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr Joe Oliver has treated over 30,000 Veneers cases! So he needed a website that would pay tribute to his legacy of smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry cases.


His new website,, showcases not only his fantastic case studies but also his patient testimonials and celebrity smiles.


Joe Oliver Dentist


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New Website Launch – Staplehurst Dental Practice

Thursday 5th April 2018

As one of the most prominent Six Month Smiles providers in the country, Dental Focus is exceptionally proud to work with Dr Jan Einfeldt and his team at Staplehurst Dental Practice in Kent.


We recently launched their brand new website which is a stylish and user-friendly approach whilst still keeping their core values at the forefront, which are wonderful customer service, great treatments, and value for money.

Staplehurst Dental Practice

5 Great Dental Websites

Friday 15th July 2016


Here at Dental Focus, we like to celebrate the fantastic websites we create that are a product of the collaboration with our equally fantastic clients. Take a look at these 5 great dental websites to see for yourself.

5 great dental websites

Greenside Dental Care is a modern family dental practice in Cleckheaton, Bradford. They welcome new patients for general, restorative, preventative and cosmetic dentistry, as well as for more complex procedures such as the placement of dental implants.

Their website is beautifully clean and easy to navigate, providing great user experience. From their stylish logo to the dental website’s colour scheme, every aspect of the design complements their branding and ensures the patient feels relaxed and welcome.

5 great dental websites

Another fantastic dental website that uses the practice’s existing branding and colour schemes to create an immersive user experience that is like walking into their waiting room. The use of house iconography, greens and blues is subtle yet engaging. The website also offers a whole host of great ways for the patient to get in touch, such as online booking, email forms, social media and more.

Southfields Dental Centre also has a great collection of visuals on their homepage, showing off their friendly team alongside their numerous treatments.
5 great dental websites article

This facial aesthetics website oozes elegance, with a minimalist colour scheme and a range of beautiful stock models. The site contains an excellent range of content about different skin treatments, offering patients a fantastic space to explore the options available and the results it has achieved.

Some of the leading skincare brands also feature on this website, revealing the highly professional reputation of the Skin Solutions team, who are based in Harrow.
Great dental websites

With the tagline, “…because we want to see you smile.” this simple but effective website from The Dental Suite, based in Northampton, is putting the patient at the front of everything they do. The user experience is fluid, with plenty of calls to action, whilst the horizontal navigation keeps the patient in constant touch with all that the practice has to offer.

The main image on the homepage is of the reception desk, giving the patient the feeling of actually walking into the practice from the street, which is a brilliant technique.

5 Great Dental Website Designs

There is a stunning colour scheme of dark blue and gold on this dental website. The site is loaded with lots of useful information regarding treatments, and there is also a good amount of ways that patients can get in touch.

Blue Court Dental also utilise their patient testimonials well to add emotion to the user experience, offering patients a chance to glimpse the patient journey, and the potentially life changing results that can be achieved.


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Dental Websites that make patients love visiting!

Wednesday 29th June 2016

It’s time for another weekly showcase of the wide variety of dental websites we can offer your practice.


Dental Wizards

At Dental Wizards in Essex, we emphasise prevention as well as personalized attention, an we offer a complete range of dental services. You can choose whether to maintain the smile you have or change any elements of it that you are unhappy with

Twickenham Dental Care

Twickenham Dental Care in Twickenham is a state-of-the-art practice, offering you and your family the very best in modern dentistry.

We have created the practice to meet all your dental care needs. As well as investing in the latest dental technology to ensure you receive the highest possible standard of clinical care, we have also created a relaxed ambiance and comfortable environment to help you feel calm and at ease when you visit us.

Pearl Dental

Pearl Dental is a completely unique kind of dental practice. From initial design through to the decor and furnishings, every detail has been with patient comfort and care in mind. Our team of experienced dental professionals are committed to delivering the latest knowledge and expertise in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We provide a full range of state-of-the-art dental treatments to suit each and every individual need whether you are looking for a more attractive smile or healthier teeth and gums.

Corner House

We’re a family dental practice based in Battle, in the heart of East Sussex. We welcome new NHS, Denplan and Independent patients. We provide a first class, friendly and caring dental service within a clean and comfortable clinical environment. Our state of the art facilities ensure we can maintain, repair and enhance your teeth and gums with efficiency and comfort, while offering a tailored service to meet your personal requirement.

Dental Connection

The Dental Connection in Surbiton is a state-of-the-art practice, offering you and your family the very best in modern dentistry.

We have created the practice to meet all your dental care needs. As well as investing in the latest dental technology to ensure you receive the highest possible standard of clinical care, we have also created a relaxed ambience and comfortable environment to help you feel calm and at ease when you visit us.

Perio and Implants

Our goal is to provide the highest quality evidence-based treatment for our patients. We deliver individualised treatments always recognising the specific needs and wishes of our patients.

Our clinic serves our South-East community of referring dentists by providing the very best specialist periodontal, endodontic and restorative care for their patients. We have over 100 referring dentists and many see our clinic as an extension of their own practice.

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What’s new in Digital Dentistry

Friday 3rd June 2016

Wonderful Websites Weekly

For this week’s edition of Wonderful Websites Weekly, we have 5 websites with lots of brilliant features to help dentists attract new patients. Take a look at some of the recently launched dental websites from our portfolio to see what’s new in digital dentistry.


Adam Norris


A comprehensive dental lab based in Chelmsford, Essex, Adam Norris Dental Laboratory Ltd offer patients looking for dentures a fantastic service. Their slogan is “A personal service throughout the denture process”, and their website is full of fantastic information and FAQ’s for patients to explore. The design of the site is minimalist with brilliant splashes of colour to pick out the practice’s branding.


Dental Websites


With 25 years of implant experience, The Ackerman Clinic based in Hampshire is a known for providing a fantastic dental service to its patients, especially those looking for missing teeth solutions. The website has some excellent testimonials from patients who have had treatments, as well as some impressive case studies of before and afters in the Smile Gallery section. These provide great chances for patients to see the results.


Scottish Dentistry


The Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry is a beautiful, modern website with lots of great features for patients. Their website has a great section “For Dentists” where secure online referrals can be made, making it easy and simple for referring dentists. The site also has some great ways for patients to contact the practice, with simple forms and easy to find contact details.


Dental Implant Website


With a scrolling Smile Gallery at the bottom of their site, The Sutton Implant Clinic really put an emphasis on the results of dental implant treatment. They also promote the dentists who are at the practice, in order to create a connection between the practice and the patient through the website. The colours are sleek, and the design is crisp, which complements the branding of the practice.


Dental Websites


Offering a huge range of treatments, including dental implants, orthodontics and general dentistry, The Park Dental Clinic in Derby is known for providing patients with great choice and exceptional customer care. Their testimonials from dental patients are a great read, as are the video testimonials which are particularly interesting for patients looking to learn more about braces and the treatment journey.


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Wonderful Websites Weekly

Friday 20th May 2016

Take a look at some of our favourite dental websites which have recently launched. All types of style and design have been incorporated for a range of practices and referring dentists, and the results look great!

Liam McGrath

Offering Cosmetic, Implant and General Dentistry, Dr Liam McGrath’s new website is a fantastic blend of stylish design and useful information. As a referring dentist, it was essential to make sure the design complemented the content, so that dentists and patients alike would enjoy their experience.


Aesthetic Smiles is a modern, friendly dental practice located in the heart of Leicester. Their sleek design and vibrant colours offer a beautiful user experience for their patients. They also offer a function for users to send in their smiles via an online form!


park road

With a fantastic use of apples from their logo, which is carried through the website design, Park Road Dental Centre based in Teddington has a minimalist approach whilst offering a beautifully modern feel. Their fantastic team pictures really show off the character of the practice, whilst revealing the caring nature of the dental care available.


dental surgery Burnham

Established 39 years ago, this dentist based in Burnham, Buckinghamshire has opted for a really interactive feel for their website, with great animation and lots of options for patients to find information.

They have also integrated their online booking system in order to get the most out of their website.



Enhancedental are based in Leeds, and offer a range of cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics and general treatments. With a patient base of over 5000, their expertise and care is a winning combination, as is their stunning site.

Their website makes it really simple for patients to get in touch, whilst having a range of pages offering great content about dental treatments.


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What’s In A Website?

Thursday 28th August 2014

A good website is at the heart of any successful marketing campaign, and is an excellent way of showing patients just who you are and what you do. You website may for example include patient testimonials, picture of your team, or even before and after photos from completed cases. Whatever you choose to include, visitors to your website will experience a fantastic ‘snap shot’ of your practice, and what they see, and what they read will persuade them either to call you, or search elsewhere.


Set yourself apart

To make the most of your practice website, it is important to remember that not all websites are created equal. In this day and age, merely having a website alone is not enough. This is because there are literally thousands of dental practice websites out there now, and unless you are able to successfully differentiate your website from the competition, then you may find your local rivals rank higher on Google than you do.


To help you get the most out of your practice website there are many different steps you can take, and the support of an experienced online dental marketing team can make the whole process an awful lot easier. Whichever route you decide to take – whether you employ the services of an outside agency, or choose to ‘go it alone’ – it is useful to be aware of the various features that help set the best dental practice websites apart.


Detail in the design

The design is an important part of any website, and in dentistry in particular, an eye-catching design helps to establish a strong first impression. The best websites will work as an extension of the practice setting, and will even use the same branding and colour scheme. Aside from the branding element, you should also be sure that your website isn’t too cluttered, or overwhelming on first glance, and that menus are clear and easy to follow. Remember, your practice website is reflection of your practice, and if your website doesn’t look professional, then rightly or wrongly, patients will assume the same is true of your dentistry.


What you say matters

Of course it’s all well and good having a practice website with an appealing design, but all this is worth nothing if you don’t have anything to say. Content is vitally important to a good website, and is one of the key determining factors behind how well your website ranks on Google. Content should be easy to read and professional, you should avoid jargon wherever possible, and you should never copy and paste text from another source. You should also ensure that your text is up to date, and ideally, you should add new content regularly. One of the best ways you can do this is by writing a practice blog. Blogs are an excellent way of engaging with patients, and making your practice seem ‘real’. Not only that, but Google loves blogs, and you will find your search ranking rises as a result.


Online compliance

While you will be familiar with the need for strict compliance protocols in-practice, you may not be aware of the need for a similar level of compliance when it comes to your practice website. In addition to the requirements outlined by the GDC and CQC, you should also ensure your website meets the ICO’s policy regarding the use of cookies. If you’ve never heard of the ICO regulations then it may well be worth your while to call in some expert support. After all, you may be an excellent dentist, but that is not to say you are an expert web developer, and factors such as ICO compliance should not be overlooked.

The mobile web

Online trends are changing, and more and more people are now surfing the web from portable devices such as smart phones and tablets. If your website doesn’t cater to this ample market then you won’t be achieving the maximum return on your marketing spend.


While size-responsive websites can be effective to a certain extent, the most effective dental practice websites will have a fast-action mobile version for patients who are searching on the go. These streamlined websites are far easier to browse on small screens, and will be optimised so they are easy to navigate and extremely fast to load. Typically, they will include just the core information and services from your main website, and will include a ‘call now’ function so patients can contact you in just the touch of a button.


Staying ahead of the game

Effective online dental marketing is no easy task, but is one that is vitally important if you are to stay ahead of the local competition. To achieve this, it is important that you have a website that is both appealing to patients and is ultimately something that you and your team can be proud of. This website should excel in areas such as design, content, compliance and mobile compatibility, and should fully reflect the quality of dentistry that you can provide. With these factors in mind, your practice website will be well on the way to online success.


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About the author:

Alfie Jones aka the Guru is Project Manager at Dental Focus ® ‘Websites for your profit’. Alfie has worked as a web designer, copywriter, college tutor and charity fundraiser in his time, and is called the Guru because he has a ‘guru-like’ knowledge of the web. As an expert in social media and website technology, Alfie is the first port of call for any dentist who is serious about their online marketing.

Design Is More Than Just Making Things Pretty

Friday 22nd August 2014

Web design should be empathetic to the problems of others and thus be used to solve them. This then drives value for everyone involved.

Design is as much about the process as about the end result.

Therefore it ought to be focused not so much on making things look pretty – as on problem-solving, questioning, and building confidence in a solution.

It’s good to explore and interrogate ideas and further develop them, working with the client. It doesn’t matter where the idea first comes from.

It could have been the designers idea, or the client may have seen something interesting, or there could be an established ‘look’ already in existence, needing to be further developed.

Nothing is truly original, as everything derives from something else.

Someone invented the wheel. Then someone else, the internal combustion engine. Before someone designed the E type Jag.

Design is about solving problems, listening to people and creating value – not just about making things pretty.


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