Smita Mistry – A Remarkable Opportunity

If you want to grow your business by trusting the right experienced person to develop and market growth strategies for you, then meet Smita Mistry.

My remarkable and talented friend is the perfect team member to take any clinic to the next level. Everyone knows she always goes the extra mile with her natural ability to network and create opportunities.

Proudly, Smita now brings the prestige of her Award Winning 2012 title “Best Dental Care Professional in the UK”, which is a local PR dream waiting to happen to your business and that’s just the start. Her all-round positive team player attitude and clinical skills as a hygienist means she can consider Business/Marketing Development Manager roles alongside any a clinical role in medical aesthetic & specialised skincare treatments or 1-2 days dental hygiene work.

She is widely known and respected in the dental/medical aesthetics community and has worked with many top coaches and consultants. Smita is moving on from her current role as Business/Marketing Development Manager and Dental Hygienist at Dr Harry Singh’s dental spa aesthetics – dentistry & facial rejuvenation in Hertfordshire, and Harry’s reference for her is beyond outstanding. She remains a co-founder and director of the Facial Aesthetics Academy.

If you want to grow your business, get in touch today, she’s also looking for the perfect opportunity!


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