Marketing your dental practice: mobile 24/7

The tide is turning.

A recent poll found that 53 per cent of Britons feel upset when denied access to the internet and that 40 per cent experience loneliness when not able to go online. The internet is a drug, forever making our attention spans shorter. We always want another ‘quick fix’ and to feed ‘the habit’ with more fast information.

Lecture by Matt Brittin, MD of Google UK & Ireland, on making the web "fast and happy".

I recently attended a talk by Matt Brittin, MD of Google UK & Ireland, who spoke about how their greatest priority was to increase the speed of accessibility to information using photo and image recognition for search, speech and audio for search, page download speeds, smart results, auto-translations, intelligent suggestions, etc.

Everyday people now have internet access via smartphones and all sorts of connected personal devices, as well as desktop computers. Google wants the web to be fast and happy.

When a group of people were recently tested by giving up all technology for one full day, some described it as hard as quitting smoking or drinking. One survey participant described it like “having my hand chopped off”.

So how can your dental web design and marketing help to ‘feed this habit’. The answer is by you having an online presence that is offering fast and easily accessible, up-to-date information. Indeed, recent research showed that a business that is present online, is currently growing (on average) at six times the speed of a business that is offline.

Online and mobile is the way forward, witness the fact that younger people found it harder to give up technology, while often the over-40s coped better. The new computer generation is fast becoming ‘all’ people and everyone will soon have been brought up with a computer. So try to make sure your patients, won’t be lonely. When they are not visiting your mobile friendly website, keep them company with E-newsletters, Facebook and Mobile Apps.

Please don’t be like King Canute – who sat on the beach, commanding the tide to not come in. He got his feet wet, of course.  We can’t prevent progress or afford to ignore it.

adrian-blogAdrian Adler is “the Wizard” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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