Dental Design & Marketing that “Feels Good”


Photo by Victor Bezrukov. CC BY 2.0.

Dentists need to move away from ‘procedure-oriented’ dental marketing, and find new, unique ways to win patients.

Yes the dentist may offer Restorative Work, Implants, Cosmetics, Dentures, Whitening, etc. and good work too, but dentists mustn’t become too obsessed with these procedures. The “marketing” and “emotional connection” stuff matters too, in fact “emotional branding” is the new buzz word in marketing.

First a dentist needs to develop empathy with patients. A complete understanding of the psychological state of mind of patients (who will sense this). Most dentists of course, strongly believe that the services they provide will help people solve dental problems or enhance the quality of patients’ look, teeth, confidence, etc. and they are right. But almost everyone outside of the dental profession pays little attention to dental health issues until they are forced to do so.

In dental marketing, you should always find ways to win the confidence of patients before they accept treatments. A website communicates a mood, an ambiance. It has ethereal values and can form an empathetic connection with patients. With design, colours, information, it can have a ‘tone of voice’. It beats walking up to someone and bragging about how good you are.

So do not sell procedures. Instead, present patients with a ‘feel good’ website. That way, you let the patient choose and accept the service and the solution.

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