Attention Span in Dental Marketing

dental-marketing-dental-designIn order to measure the length of anybody’s attention span in doing any activity, the type of activity undertaken will affect the result. Someone is obviously capable of a longer attention span when they are doing something that is enjoyable and/or intrinsically motivating.

Therefore if a dental website was dull and uninteresting, someone’s visit to that site is going to be a lot shorter than it would be with a well designed website. Furthermore their attention span will be further decreased if the website is found to be difficult to navigate and it is slow to download sections. Frustration certainly shortens a person’s attention span.

The web has allowed people to develop incredibly short attention spans. This is because everyone knows that there are always other sites that they can look at, with similar information. In fact, there are many different ways to find these different websites: Search Engines, Directory sites, Price Comparison sites, Social Networking sites etc – they all offer a huge amount of data on services available.

Consequently it’s now a bit like a small boy being let loose for hours in a sweet shop. With the internet too, you are spoilt for choice. Therefore if you see a site with a long, long introduction on the home page set out in a tiny type size, are you going to take the time to read it, or go somewhere else? Initially, most people are not particularly loyal and faithful when it comes to websites. But once someone finds a site that gives them the information they want, in an easy to understand way, that person will keep coming back.

A dental website design strives to achieve the main dental marketing objective: ‘conversions’. A ‘conversion’ is where people (as a result of visiting a website) actually pick up the phone to make an enquiry (or they pay a personal visit to find out more). To increase ‘conversions’ we ensure a site is as highly ranked as possible on Search Engines and then the site design itself works to ‘convert’ each site visitor into an enquiry. This is mainly achieved by lengthening the site visitor’s attention span.

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